FileMaker one-on-one Coaching

3 Services Available
Coaching - Starts at $100/hr prepaid in 5 hour blocks (Beginner to Intermediate)
Interactive Development - Rate varies per Engineer and skill level (Prepaid)
Development - Starts at $175/hr (Advanced - depending on project complexity)

One-on-one screen share FileMaker Coaching with an RCC FileMaker Engineer

FileMaker coaching is the opportunity to master your FileMaker skills while developing your own customized application. Coaching is done in a LIVE environment, where you and a coach share a screen over the Internet to work on your app. Projects consist of learning basic to intermediate skills, such as designing layout, understanding relationships, writing scripts, and optimizing for mobile deployment. Reach out to us today to have an RCC FileMaker Engineer get in touch with you on how to take your solution beyond your current skill set.


What is FileMaker Coaching and Interactive Development?

Our customers love FileMaker coaching. However, the real benefit to the customer is when the customer app is constructed and built during the coaching session. Interactive Development is the process where the customer's app is actually realtime... together with the customer and coach. Instead of the coach just sharing FileMaker knowledge with you, the coach will also be able to work on your database while you watch.

For more details, feel free to reach out to one of our coaches at:


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